What makes a healthier workplace?

  • Integrated Approach
  • Workplace strategies

Integrated Approach

Using strategies for good work design, support, engagement and capability, you can make healthier work part of your culture.

Become a healthier workplace

Healthy workplaces focus on the physical and mental health of their employees. They implement organisational initiatives to provide safe and healthy working environments. They encourage employees to play a proactive and positive role in their own health and wellbeing.

Organisations that invest in healthier work know it’s good for business. Apply these 3 considerations across your entire business.


1. Take an integrated approach



Prevent and minimise physical and psychological harm.


Provide services, interventions and resources to help employees.


Build a positive and meaningful mental and physical health culture.


2. Look at complete health


Physical health

Create physically safe environments so you’re looking after the physical health of your employees.

Mental health

Create psychologically safe environments so you’re looking after the mental health of your employees.


3. Consider place and people


Healthy place

Make your workplace safe and healthy through good work design, effective facilities and resources, supportive cultures, policies and work practices.

Healthy people

Give employees positive health information to build awareness while also facilitating their active participation in healthy behaviours.

Workplace strategies

What a healthier workplace looks like

There are 6 work categories that contribute to a healthier workplace. Each category offers practical solutions you can apply in your organisation. For best results, you should action all 6 categories.

Work design

Organise and deliver work for employee and business success.

Work environment

Create a safe, inclusive and comfortable place to work.

Workforce capability

Encourage professional learning and personal growth.

Workplace engagement

Build a positive culture to be proud of.

Workplace support

Support your people, especially in challenging times.

Workplace leadership

Lead with dignity and respect.