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Work design

Organise and deliver work for employee and business success.

Clearly define how your employees’ tasks are structured and organised.

  • Do they have the right resources to do their jobs?
  • Have they provided input to how their work is organised?
  • Can the work be meaningful and give people the opportunity to build their skills?
  • Can you promote autonomy and foster positive relationships?


What you can do

When designing individual job roles and responsibilities, seek a balance between meeting your organisational goals while considering the demands you place on your employees.

Well-defined and consistent systems, processes and procedures are the backbone to workplace design.


1. Roles and responsibilities

Clarify employee tasks, work methods and priorities. Make sure they’re aware of their role within the organisation.

  • Maintain role clarity – check your employee understands their role within the organisation
  • Make sure employees have access to position descriptions that include role purpose, reporting relationships and duties
  • Regularly review and update job descriptions (in consultation with your employees)


2. Workload and job demands

Aim for a balanced and motivational approach to workload. Encourage employees to shape their work to suit their style.

  • Make the review of workload a regular thing – during team meetings or informal chats
  • Encourage employees to offer input into how tasks are done, including pace and order
  • Make work more meaningful and stimulating


3. Resources

Make sure your people have what they need to do their job well, including equipment and support.

  • Check your employees have the information they need to make decisions
  • Ensure activities have the financial, human and information resources to meet business goals
  • Introduce support during times of high demand


4. Systems, processes and procedures

Clearly define processes and procedures and review your systems regularly (together with your employees) for optimal results.

  • Have a formal information-sharing system or program, such as an intranet
  • Define processes and procedures for things like rostering and performance reviews for consistency
  • Make it easy for employees to speak up early if their job demands are peaking



Please note: These are only suggested resources. Organisations should consider their own needs when selecting resources to use.


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