Workforce capability

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Workforce capability

Encourage professional learning and personal growth.

Help your employees deliver organisational goals by creating a learning culture.

  • Do you encourage employees to reflect on their performance?
  • How can you uncover individual strengths and build learning into everyday job tasks?
  • Do you train managers to supervise and communicate with staff?


What you can do

Explore your team’s capabilities through training, coaching and professional development. Recruit to fill known role gaps and support your team’s culture.


1. Recruitment

Make recruitment and promotion processes fair and transparent.

  • Appoint and promote based on merit and performance
  • Have a formal induction process and train managers to implement it
  • Create a peer support program for new starters


2. Training

Offer training to support both individual and team competency.

  • Make sure employees have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do their jobs
  • Offer regular training on policies such as Diversity and Inclusion, Risk Management, and Code of Conduct
  • Train leaders and managers in effective communication


3. Development

Allow your employees to drive their own learning and development. Empower people to make decisions.

  • Give time to employees to talk through career goals and development pathways
  • Offer opportunities to act at a higher level or in other roles
  • Give employees time to acquire and consolidate skills


4. Performance

Make regular performance feedback two-way and expected.

  • Create a performance and development template
  • Have regular performance reviews with open and constructive feedback
  • Make sure work demands are achievable



Please note: These are only suggested resources. Organisations should consider their own needs when selecting resources to use.