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Workplace support

Support your people, especially in challenging times.

When an employee is injured or unwell, they need to know they’re supported to recover and get back to work.

  • Do you offer clear processes for supporting your people?
  • Are you regularly checking in with them?
  • Do your employees know how to access temporary or longer-term support or variations to their job to suit their current health issues?


What you can do

Create options for reasonable adjustments, flexible work hours or work-from-home options. Seek external support services for your injured or unwell employees sooner rather than later.


1. Response and support

Provide accessible ways for your employees to tell you when their illness or injury is affecting their work.

  • Have regular wellbeing ‘check-ins’ and make sure to follow up
  • Give all employees regular information about how to access support programs
  • Set up an Employee Assistance Program for confidential counselling services


2. Work adjustments

Be open to changes or supports that can be put in place to keep people working when they face health issues.

  • Offer temporary reduction in hours
  • Consider a temporary change in duties
  • Understand recovery requirements and adjust the physical workspace if needed


3. Injury management

Make access to confidential external services easy, especially for injury management and return to work programs.

  • Engage with treatment providers as part of an employee’s injury management plan, if appropriate
  • Have a clear process for injury management tailored to either physical or mental health conditions
  • Make sure managers have the information required to support an employee’s return to work


4. Flexible work

Give employees flexibility so they can continue to contribute during challenging times or changes in life.

  • Create a workplace that recognises work-life balance
  • Allow flexibility in timing of breaks
  • Introduce flexible work options for personal appointments



Please note: These are only suggested resources. Organisations should consider their own needs when selecting resources to use.


Response and support


Work adjustments

  • Comcare: Rehabilitation programs – Rehabilitation programs explained, information on monitoring your progress and further resources. 
  • Comcare: Benefits of returning to work – Details the benefits of returning to or recovering at work after a work-related injury or illness and further information. 
  • Comcare: Suitable Employment – Information on different types of employment including graduated return to work, internal placement and re-deployment. 
  • Comcare: Reasonable adjustments – Information on the benefits of reasonable adjustment,  examples and a workers role in the process. 
  • IncludeAbility is designed to support employers who want to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability and people with disability seeking employment, developing a career or considering self-employment. 


Injury management


Flexible work