Callaghan’s Accountants

Welcome aboard to the recognition scheme, Callaghan’s Accountants!!  With a lovely outlook from the office out over Lake Ginninderra, Healthier Work Champions Jossy decided it was time to make use of the lake, as well as look at stress management for the staff, this came together and was the initial planning for a Healthier Work 12 month Health and Wellbeing Plan.  Jossy sought support from management, got feedback from the staff about what they would like as part of a health and wellbeing plan, and developed the plan to be rolled out late 2017!  The partners at Callaghan’s were all very excited and on board with the great initiative and promptly signed off on the plan that was developed by the staff.  Some activities the staff can look forward to over the next year include: a Callaghans Sports Day; a movie night; the introduction of a fruit bowl into the kitchen; mindfulness activities at lunch; eat well challenges each week for a month in winter; and a brain hack to try each wee for the summer!  Well done to Jossy and the team at Callaghan’s!!