Barmco Mana McMurray

Congratulations to one of our longest standing workplaces, Barmco Mana McMurray who have just received Platinum Status Recognition for moving into their fourth year!!!  As a reward they have also received funding to assist in running health and wellbeing activities within the office this year!  Leah and Yolanda (Workplace Champions) have continued to provide energy behind the program and kept things moving while the business moved office locations!  Some of the activities/strategies that Barmco Mana McMurray have embedded into their day to day business include stand up meetings for ALL operations and management review meetings, healthy catering, and they continue to take part in causes like blood donataion, Clean Up Australia Day and Men’s/Women’s Health Weeks!  Some new activities include: purchasing a foosball table to let off steam and get away from the desk; a LEGO challenge; fruit supply; and entering a Barmco Mana McMurray team in the Canberra Times Fun Run!  Congratulations team!!!