Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Our guest speaker for this webinar was Neil Shepherd from Inner Synergy.

This webinar provides practical tools, techniques and actual experiences to understand how mindfulness and self-awareness can help in the workplace and in everyday life.

Mindfulness is our natural ability to be fully present. It’s the kind of engagement necessary if we want to bring all our capabilities to the moment. It’s a tool for increasing the strength and quality of our attention and assists us to stay focussed and clear minded rather than getting lost in distractions and stress. In the workplace and with the complex demands of the digital age, it gives us a way to organise, protect and make best use of our minds and prevent them from getting cluttered. Practicing mindfulness is a smart way of working and is also good for our health.

Webinar date: 19 November 2020

About our speaker

Neil is an experienced qualified Mindfulness Educator and Stress Management / Resilience Coach who loves making a difference. Neil founded Inner Synergy and works with individuals and groups to help build personal resilience and stress management skills.

Neil invites you to take a deeper dive into mindfulness and resilience frameworks and practices through these Inner Synergy offerings:

  • Corporate and public courses, programs and presentations
  • Group or individual mindfulness mentoring
  • Building personal resilience and stress management programs

Facebook: Inner Synergy Community

Email: neil@innersynergy.com.au

Website: www.innersynergy.com.au

Free Meditations: https://insighttimer.com/neilshepherd