Synergy Group – Gold Status

Congratulations to Synergy Group for moving into their fourth Health and Wellbeing plan and gaining Healthier Work Platinum Status!!! The Health and Wellbeing team at Synergy are always looking at new ways to look after the health and wellbeing of their staff as a way to continue to make Synergy a great place to work (and more productive as a bonus!!).  Synergy has now embedded some activities/strategies within the work environment which are now just run of the mill, day to day part of how Synergy do things, these include: having an EAP provider; healthy snack options in the office; and social activities including netball and the Canberra Times Fun Run.  Some newer activities/strategies include: training all staff in mental health first aid; hosting bootcamp and yoga sessions; taking part in resilience training; red cross blood donations; and taking part in a Lifestyle Challenge which is a program which encourages whole of life focus.  Congratulations Synergy Group for gaining Platinum Status Recognition!!!