Publications and links

Useful Publications

Below are some publications that you might find useful in developing and implementing your health and wellbeing program.


ACT Workplace Health Promotion Needs Analysis 2011 – Summary Report – PricewaterhouseCoopers

(PwC) was engaged by the ACT Government Health Directorate to undertake an analysis to understand the makeup of the ACT business community, as well as the health promotion needs and practices of local employers, employees and other market stakeholders. The needs analysis consisted of three primary activities: data analysis of the health status of ACT workers; stakeholder consultation; and a literature review.

Sick at Work. The cost of presenteeism to your business and the economy (2011) – Medibank Private 

Medibank Private commissioned research on the costs and impact of presenteeism on the Australian workforce and economy, and the impact of the ageing population on presenteeism.

Workplace Wellness in Australia – Aligning action with aims: Optimising the benefits of workplace wellness (2010) – PricewaterhouseCoopers

Report on the current state of workplace wellness in Australia and the ways in which workplace wellness can be optimised, with consideration of the issues and enablers for growth and sustainability.

Stand Up Australia: Sedentary behaviours in workers (2009) – Medibank Private

Medibank Private research investigating sitting time for various groups of working adults including office based, retail and call centre sector workplaces.

The Cost of Workplace Stress in Australia (2008) – Medibank Private

Medibank Private commissioned research which illustrates the economic impact of workplace stress.

The Health of Australia’s Workforce (2005) – Medibank Private

Medibank Private study looking at the health profile of employees, with a focus on the relationship between employee health and wellbeing, and productivity.

Benefits to business: The evidence for investing in worker health and wellbeing – Comcare

Factsheets outlining the evidence of the health and productivity benefits of investing in workplace health and wellbeing programs and some of the myths and misconceptions of workplace health and wellbeing programs.

Best-Practice Guidelines Workplace Health in Australia – Health and Productivity Institute of Australia

Guidelines for best practice in corporate wellness.

Healthy Workplace Guide – Ten steps to implementing a workplace health program (2011) – Heart Foundation

Steps for creating a workplace that supports employees in healthy lifestyle behaviours, including how to get started, construct and implement a workplace health program.

Joint Statement of Commitment: Promoting Good Health at Work (2011) – Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

Partnership statement between the Australian Government, peak employer/industry bodies and unions demonstrating an important commitment of these parties to promote good health in and through workplaces.

Quality Framework for the Healthy Workers Initiative (2011) – Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

Report on the development of a quality framework for the Healthy Workers Initiative. This report includes:

  • supporting guidance for providers, programs and employers operating in workplace health promotion
  • a proposal for a system for voluntary registration and assessment
  • a set of Principles for Healthy Workplaces aimed at employers wishing to establish, maintain and improve healthy lifestyle programs within their workplaces

Primary prevention of chronic disease in Australia through interventions in the workplace setting: a rapid review – Victorian Government

The Victorian Government Department of Human Services commissioned a rapid review to determine what types of primary prevention programs in the workplace are most likely to be effective in preventing chronic disease.

ACT Whole of Government Workplace Health and Wellbeing Policy Statement

This document articulates the principles that underpin the ACT Government’s commitment to workplace health and wellbeing and provides guidance to support the development and implementation of health and wellbeing policies and programs within ACTPS Directorates.