Recognition Scheme

Workplaces that are committed to creating a healthier environment for their staff deserve to be recognised.  Healthier Work has developed a Recognition Scheme to acknowledge and reward Canberra businesses and organisations that are committed to the workplace health and wellbeing journey.

To become Recognised, your workplace will engage with our Industry Advisor to create a 12 month health and wellbeing plan. Recognised workplaces are presented with a framed certificate or trophy (for workplaces with over 200 employees). We will also promote your recognised status through our website, e-newsletter, social media and other promotional activities as they arise.

Workplaces are encouraged to make a long-term commitment to health and wellbeing and continue with the Healthier Work Recognition Scheme beyond an initial 12 months. Workplaces advance in status each year they remain with us.

Years of Recognition Type of Recognition
Year 1 Healthier Work Recognition
Year 2 Healthier Work Recognition – Silver
Year 3 Healthier Work Recognition – Gold
Year 4+ Healthier Work Recognition – Platinum

We’re here to help you every step of the way – contact us!

Getting Started

Please complete the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Score Card to provide baseline information. You will then be contacted by Healthier Work to arrange a visit or video call from our Industry Advisor.

Once ready to apply for recognition, you will need to complete an application form and action plan. If you have an existing document that sets out your workplace health and wellbeing initiatives, there is no need to use our example plan, but you must demonstrate initiatives focusing on at least three of our health priority areas (healthy eating, physical activity, smoking cessation, reduction of risky alcohol consumption, and social and emotional wellbeing) and a mix of people and place strategies.

‘People strategies’ build on individual worker knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. ‘Place strategies’ create healthier environments, through workplace cultures, policies, programs and facilities.

If you’d like guidance on people and place strategies you can progress under the priority area of social and emotional wellbeing, check out our Mentally Healthier Workplaces initiative and consider taking the associated pledge!

Advancing in Status

Each year you continue with the Recognition Scheme you will need to check in with us, complete an evaluation of your previous year (using our simple What we learnt template) and repeat the Score Card (see link above).

You will then be ready to submit a new application and action plan (see links above). Once you reach Gold and Platinum status, our requirements of your action plan increase as we expect to see more sustained and integrated (embedded) place initiatives. We will build your capacity as a workplace to reach these levels.