Healthy Minds: restoring balance during times of uncertainty

Our guest speakers for this webinar were Katie Godfrey and Julianna McDonald from OzHelp Health and Wellbeing at Work. This one-hour webinar explores ideas and resources to support your mental health and wellbeing. You’re encouraged to develop your own simple plan that can help you stay well during times of challenge and change.

Webinar date: 28 May 2020



About OzHelp

OzHelp is a leading provider of workplace wellbeing programs specialising in mental health and wellbeing. OzHelp’s evidence-based health and wellbeing programs assist employers to create mentally healthy workplaces. They support individuals to achieve and maintain their best possible health and wellbeing. The organisation was founded in 2002 and reached almost 40,000 people last year. OzHelp is a not for profit and is accredited under the National Standards for Mental Health Services.

Find out more about OzHelp from their website.