XACT Consulting

Congratulations on joining the recognition program XACT Consulting!  After a workshop with Healthier Work, the team at XACT were armed with all they needed to put their stamp on a 12 month health and wellbeing plan for the staff!  Health and Wellbeing Leader Lyndell, and Healthier Work Champion Adeel, worked to put what the staff needs in regards to health and wellbeing were into a well rounded plan to cover wide variety of health activities.  Some activities the staff can look forward to include: a ‘potluck’ lunch with a multicultural/heritage focus; an indoor Xactivitiy social function in the cooler winter month to keep staff active; a morning walk in spring followed by a team breakfast; personal goal setting session with dinner; and a review of the healthy food options around the office!  Well done to the team at XACT and welcome aboard!