Recognition+ is similar to a loyalty/member based program for Canberra businesses who have been awarded Healthier Work Recognition status.

Healthier Work will give prominence to Canberra businesses in the health and wellbeing arena who can give a discount or special offer to workplaces that have committed to becoming healthier.

Recognition+ as a win-win, with free advertising for local Canberra service providers in the health and wellbeing arena and extra support to businesses that are taking positive steps to becoming healthier.

Businesses listed in alphabetical order below are not endorsed by Healthier Work.  Each business has supplied the below information, it is paramount that before contacting the businesses you do your own research on the qualifications, experience, and ability of each business listed relating to your needs.

To be considered for the Recognition+ provider list please complete the Service Provider EOI Recognition+ form and email to

Ascend Strength and Fitness

Ascend Strength and Fitness offers free group classes to all members to help improve health and wellbeing. Classes range from circuits/HIIT and boxing to resistance training/powerlifting and spin classes.

All members are encouraged to take advantage of a free 1 on 1 personal training session when they become a member. This is to ensure members have an understanding of how best to achieve their individual health and fitness goals.

We are in the process of creating a seniors group program tailored towards people above the age of 60 who are looking for a way to get back into the gym.

Ascend Strength & Fitness has built strong corporate relationships with a number of local businesses and schools to provide group classes, discounted memberships and more to both staff and students.

Our personal trainers work closely with our members, providing a range of services such as 1 on 1 or small group training, tailored nutrition plans, rehabilitation from illness or injury and health screens.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

Discount Options:

– No joining fee and first 2 weeks of membership free.

– Free personal training session for every new member.

– A weekly corporate group training/boot camp created for each department.

– Program card and 45 minute PT session for a member to assist the new member in health and fitness goals.

(total value $250)

Contact: Andrew Lemmon
Phone: 6242 5807
Web: (currently under construction)

Body@Work Physiotherapy

Since 2006, Kris has focused specifically on exercise based treatment and education for injury prevention, overuse injuries and chronic pain.

Overuse injuries and problems related to working in poor postures cost workplaces and insurance companies millions every year.  The fact is, not all work practices and associated injuries can be ergonomically resolved. Workers need to be empowered with both the knowledge and the skills to maintain their bodies in good health to remain employable.

Moving forward, Kris is on a mission to educate and empower both employers and their workers to promote a culture of wellness in the workplace.

Services we offer include:

  • Wellness/Education workshops (30 and 60 minute options)
  • Postural screening
  • Exercise@Work classes – created by Body@Work Physiotherapy, combining posture and core strengthening elements, loosely based on Pilates principles
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Functional assessment – worker screening for particular industry requirements.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

Body@Work Physiotherapy will offer a 10% discount on all services offered to Healthier Work recognised businesses, including postural screening, education workshops or ergonomic assessments.

Contact: Kristine Lew
Phone: 0405 324 958

BollyBody Yoga

Yoga classes for all kinds of organisational workplace settings.

Our programs are for any age, gender and fitness level.

Through gentle and progressive core workouts there are improvements in body, strength, flexibility, and posture while harnessing the relaxation of body, mind and soul.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

  • 11 people attend the yoga class one person can get it free
  • 25 people attend the yoga class 2 people can get it free
  • 50 people attend the yoga class 3 people can get it free
  • 75 people attend the yoga class 4 people can get it free
  • 100 people attend the yoga class 5 people can get it free

Contact: Nancy Williams
Phone: 0432 683 699

Brindabella Physical Culture Club

At Brindabella we believe in confidence building, personal growth & working to achieve personal goals.

Are you looking for a low cost, fun form of dance exercise? Brindabella Physical Culture Club offers classes for Women & Girls of all ages.

Our classes are designed for all levels of fitness and dance experience, working as individuals or as a team.

Physical Culture is an excellent low impact exercise that increases strength, flexibility and can really give you a full body workout!

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

All new enquiries will get their first two lessons free.

Contact: Courtney Gurney
Phone: 0435 914 104


Canberra School of Bollywood Dancing

A great way to keep fit and active in a fun way. No previous dance experience necessary.

Bollywood dancing is a high energy style that uses the left and right brain function, overcomes coordination problems, improves balance and improves bones density. It is so much fun, silly, sexy and totally engrossing you won’t even know it’s doing you good.The beauty of Bollywood is that anyone can learn this dance style. No previous dance experience is needed, simply a love of foot tapping music and fun. The school has students ranging in age from 4 to 60 plus, in all shapes and sizes and from many cultural backgrounds.  Classes are aimed at beginners to advanced level and the dedicated and experienced teachers of the school make Bollywood classes fun and enjoyable.

We have classes held across Canberra for children and adults.

Classes at your workplace can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

$8 per participant for a class. Minimum numbers 8 students per class

Contact: Krisha Jilson
Phone: 0403 156 833

Capital Clinic Physiotherapy

We offer many services that cover both rehabilitation, and prevention of musculoskeletal injury. As well as contributing to overall workplace health. We treat acute and chronic injury as well as perform workplace assessments, run assessments, bike assessments and strengthening classes. We also deliver individual exercise programs, and through access to local gyms can provide programs for the workplace, home or gym.

We have two prominent locations within Canberra City and are the largest provider of rehabilitation services within the city. We have 9 Physiotherapists and 2 Accredited Exercise Physiologists between our two practices.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

25% off all initial/new injury consultations and initial assessment services (inclusive of workstation assessment services, running and bike assessments) for Healthier Work businesses.

Contact: Matt Croger
Phone: 6153 6200


CareTrac is a national activity network of premium health and fitness centres that provides employees with flexible, convenient and cost-effective exercise and fitness programs.  We provide unlimited access to a range of fitness centres, yoga studios, Crossfit centres, climbing gyms, massage, dietitian access etc for many different companies across Australia.  We have a range of corporate membership models including full or partial employer subsidised pay-per-visit and fixed price employee pays options.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

$0 business registration fee, $0 setup costs and $0 administration fees for businesses that wish to offer CareTrac to their employees.

Contact: Tristan Ius
Phone: 0488 028 875

Citron Consulting

Citron Consulting is a Canberra HR consulting business and has partnered with a Sydney software company and iron-man Guy Leech to develop a new initiative. We offer a support tool to take the Healthier Work program to another level and provide individual programs to support the organisational initiative.

MAUS Pinnacle 11 is an innovative program of 11 components that provides individuals with the tools to balance the complexities of work, family and life. The program uses a cloud-based technology solution and begins with an individual self-perception questionnaire. It then builds a relevant and supportive program to achieve goals. This is supported by hundreds of video coaching tips from elite sports, finance, business and psychology professionals. It is also reinforced with a series of face-to-face monthly and quarterly events.

MAUS Pinnacle 11 can be utilised to improve productivity, performance and workplace harmony. It also can be used to act as a support tool for staff as organisations undergoing workplace change.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

10% discount on the program fee.

15% discount on Citron Consulting fees to assist organisations in implementing programs and to act as senior human resources advisor for leadership group.

20% discount on Citron Consulting Motivation Matters programs.

Contact: Simone Mills
Phone: 0422 377 146


A specialist psychological services firm focusing on developing positive workplace mental health, wellbeing and resilience capabilities – Australia wide.

The creation of CommuniCorp was driven by our strong conviction that Australian workplaces need a practical and proactive approach to developing psychologically safe and healthy work environments.

CommuniCorp is committed to improving individual, team and corporate capability and performance through the delivery of practical programs and services that recognise the commercial implications of psychological wellbeing and optimal performance in the workplace.

Our services include:

  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Psychological Health Strategic Planning
  • Workplace Psychology Program Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Coaching and Master Practitioner Advisory Services

With delivery exclusively by expert senior psychologists, CommuniCorp courses cover the practicalities of how to respond to suspected or known mental health concerns, referral and support options; confidentially matters; return to work issues; psychosocial risk factors; maintaining and managing staff with the workplace; and key issues such as WHS, Disability Discrimination and SRC Acts.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

CommuniCorp would be pleased to offer to any new clients referred through the Recognition+ program access to the CommuniCorp Resilience tool “Personal Resiliency Builder” (PRB). The PRB is a practical, yet sophisticated online assessment tool developed to assist individuals to gain a better understanding of their personal resilience.For clients referred through the Recognition + CommuniCorp will provide up to 20 access codes to the PRB Tool who work with us. (PRB codes are valued at $80 each).Further details regarding the PRB can be found on the CommuniCorp website here.

Contact: Jason Aitkens
Phone: 1300 855 140


Unique Effective Programming, Functional Training, All Lifestyle Services, Personal Training, Food Preparation, Nutrition, and Small Group Specialists.

Founder of X-45 Training Program. Multiple membership levels available.  Elements4Life is a lifestyle of choice!

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

5 Free X-45 Small Group Training Sessions

Contact: Erin Wells & Sebastain Ellis
Phone: 0430 989 282

Filtered Fresh & Filterwise ACT & SE NSW 

Supply and service office water coolers in the ACT.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

10% discount including GST, retail rate is $595.

Contact: Brendan  Neville
Phone: 040 757 2007


At FITINNET our main focus is to provide the help needed for one to reach their goal.

The programs and activities that are offered are to improve health and fitness of people, whether it is general fitness, weight loss, strength etc.

Services offered:

  • Group training (boot camps)
  • One on One personal training

Sessions are ‘pay as you go’ with discounts for blocks of sessions booked.

Boot camp programs are provided for 5-6 weeks either once or twice a week.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

10 group sessions for $100 per person (minimum 10 people)

Contact: Sarah Welbeck
Phone: 0423 732 144

Gemont Health Solutions

Gemont Health Solutions works with workplaces and health agencies to provide practical, sustainable and innovative solutions to nutrition programs.

Many workplaces are recognising that a healthy and happy workforce is a more productive and committed one with less absenteeism. Good nutrition plays an enormous role in optimal performance.

Gemont is keen to fully understand your organisation’s people and drivers to produce an innovative and practical program that is tailored to your needs. This program may be strategic incorporating a workplace policy of healthy eating and/or interactive education ventures. The aim is to smash myths, go back to basics and make healthy eating so easy with enormous weight management gains.

Other important aspects of a healthy workforce such as exercise, mental health and leadership can be outsourced and included in your program, at an additional cost to the nutrition component.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

20% discount to all workplace who are interested in working with me on this venture.  Usual fee: $150/hour, discounted fee $120/hr.

Contact: Susie Newman
Phone: 0401 994 758

Go-Kan-Ryu (GKR) Karate

Brings the Martial Art of Karate in reach of everyone, regardless of age or fitness levels.

Karate is not just a great form of self-defences, but provides all students with the opportunity to enhance their character and develop confidence, focus and inner security.  Above all, teaching is in a non-contact environment to provide a safe training environment.

Our club has full-time instructors that are available most work day mornings. Our programs range from 1 session through to an 8-week programs.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

For $6 a person we are happy to teach groups for half an hour to an hour at your location. Anyone taking part will also receive a free life membership (value $260) for all GKR classes upon purchase of a karate uniform for $55.

Contact: Greg Olsen
Phone: 0431 801 655

Hands on Massage

We understand how important prevention is and the benefits massage can have on employees.

We often see first-hand the results of poor workplace posture and overuse conditions.

The application of massage, in our experience, provides great relief from pain and a myriad of health benefits; it prevents injury and motivates staff.

We supply highly qualified staff (minimum qualification is a Diploma of Remedial Massage) who are all registered with massage associations with their own public liability insurance. They all deliver exceptional customer service and focus on the needs of the individual.

All staff can identify and provide effective treatment to most musculoskeletal conditions, as well as advice on homecare exercises and a referral network of other healthcare providers. We can also provide general advice on posture and ergonomics.

Massage in a workplace setting can be 5-30mins. It concentrates on the neck, back and shoulders. Can be performed at the desk, or in a quiet room in an ergonomic massage chair.

The style of massage applied is relaxing, yet stimulating. This allows staff to return to work invigorated, comfortable and calm.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

For businesses who commit to a minimum of three hours of workplace seated massage each fortnight for a whole twelve month period, we are willing to offer a discounted rate of $60 per hour, down from $75.  A twelve-month contract must be signed and payment for each month will be required in the middle of each month.

Contact: Sarah Jayne Cornell
Phone: 0410 546 002

Harvey Norman Business & Education

Harvey Norman Business & Education are a part of the trusted Harvey Norman brand.  With hundreds of stores nationwide and over 50 years experience in retail, Harvey Norman Business & Education are now able to provide specialised products and services to the Education, Government & Business sectors.

The continued development of today’s technology is changing how we work and play, our aim is to ensure that the products and services we offer are unique to your individual needs.

At Harvey Norman Business & Education, we can provide for your organisation:

–  ICT Planning and BYOD solutions by carefully selecting specific devices aimed at achieving the right outcomes.

–  Digital Signage is quickly becoming a standard fixture in many organisations. Digital Displays can deliver bright, full HD video or photos to best capture the audiences’ attention.

–  Corporate Wellness Programs in partnership with Fitbit uses the power of market leading activity trackers and technology to get employees moving and make wellness programs more effective. For organisations wishing to integrate connected fitness products into their Corporate Wellbeing programs, Harvey Norman Business & Education will offer bulk order pricing on a large range of products.

–  Personalised Web Portal built to provide an uncomplicated procurement tool supported by a simple approval process to ensure a level of probity while reducing the effort required by your organisation in managing the procurement function.

 Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

Please follow and distribute this link to reward your employees.

Contact: Adam Miller
Phone: 02 6283 1292

Health Appraisals

Staff in organisations, large and small, now have more energy, are more switched on, less stressed, improved relationships, fitter, leaner, less back pain and more than a few have detected issues with life-saving results. And they appreciate the organisation offering the initiative – that boosts corporate culture and morale.

This program will improve staff wellbeing, leading to more effective people, personally and professionally.  So, they are their best when looking after customers, peers, staff and family.

The one-hour appraisal includes a range of test parameters and importantly plenty of time to work with the individual to develop achievable goals that will improve wellbeing and quality of life.  It’s certainly more than collecting and delivering a bunch of numbers.

Prior to the appraisal, the participant completes an extensive online questionnaire and blood test profile (for convenience that is collected at the workplace).   The appraisal is supported by comprehensive reporting and support information.

Groups sessions also available (in-house or conference).  Keynote – It’s All About You.  Workshop – Setting Goals That Really Matter.

Note, a percentage of our revenue goes toward our foundation promoting the wellbeing and education.
Appraisals to:    Speaking to:

Contact: Ivana O’Connor
Phone: 0409 626 608


Spin some laughter into your fitness routine! Using hula hoops will increase flexibility, improve coordination and burn calories.

Tired of sitting at your desk all day?

Hooping is a great way to spin some fun into your work day. You will be moving, learning tricks, and work on conditioning while breaking a serious sweat.

No hoop experience necessary.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

First class free.

Contact: Susan Corbett
Phone: 0401 191 465

Jenny Craig

A personal consultant to see each week for 20 minutes to guide you through your weight loss journey, we focus on 3 components:

EAT WELL – Learning about foods and making healthy choices.  Initially following our menus for successful weight loss results and then showing you how to do this alone.

MOVE WELL – Showing how important at least 30 minutes of daily activity is to your life, we take a customised and realistic approach to exercise.

LIVE LIFE – Jenny Craig shows you how to make smart choices that allow you to maintain consistent good health.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

A complimentary three-month program, a saving of $99 and 10% off the cost of weekly food, this will equate to approx. $140 each week, however, this is flexible depending on food choices weekly. For those who cannot come into a centre each week, we do offer a home delivery service with phone consultations.

Contact: Fiona Lynch, Lisa Berjak, Megan Burge
Phone: 0402 976 173

Physical Activity Foundation

The Physical Activity Foundation is a registered Health Promotion Charity based in the ACT with the main goal of reducing the incidence of sedentary lifestyle diseases.

Their Workplace Activity Workshop is a 1 hour workplace seminar talking about building physical activity into your work day! Your team will learn simple ways to get active, walk through some of the challenges, then you’ll be guided through development of a simple plan to make change in your workplace, with a desk yoga session to finish up!  Single sessions ($299 inc GST) and a seasonal package of 4 sessions ($999 inc GST) are available

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

Healthier Work Recognised businesses will receive a 10% discount off the 1 hour Workplace Activity Workshop cost.

Contact: Lucille Bailie
Phone: 0416 200 447

Snack Heads

Snack Heads offers a range of healthy snacking solutions for the office.  From a basic fruit box to a deluxe healthy snack box including handmade protein bars, trail mix and the healthy breakfast box.

All snacks are dietitian approved and will help you stay away from the dreaded 3pm chocolate bar! The boxes are delivered to your office each week and we also do healthy office catering!

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

10% off the price of a weekly box.

Contact: Harriet Walker or Elle Greet
Phone: 0448 340 663
Email: info@hellosnackheads
Web: (currently under construction)

Tenacity Health Coaching

Health Coaching – Creating Happier, Healthier, more Alive people!

At Tenacity Health Coaching we believe that we all can be, do and feel better. We also believe that YOU matter. We enable our clients to transform their lives by replacing health limiting habits with health-enhancing ones via the provision of:

  • Coaching that is curated to the client;
  • Coaching that is simple to implement and systematic in its application;
  • Ongoing Client support and accountability, and
  • Collaborative support to organisations seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff. This can involve individual and small group coaching as well as motivational speaking and large group presentations.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from creating the life that you want;
  • A powerful vision of your potential and what achieving it will mean to you and your life;
  • Which lifestyle habits are limiting your access to your full potential … and what to do about it, and
  • Strategies that can be implemented simply, easily and immediately to put you on the path toward being the best version of you, for you and EVERYONE in your life!


Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

10% discount on ALL services.

Contact person: Tony Cox
Phone: 0411 056 605

The Health Presenter

Do you want your people to have a fresh new experience in the workplace, to laugh, to learn and to be their best when looking after customers, peers, staff and family?

Over 100,000 people have enjoyed and benefited from Rob Edwards’  ”It’s All About You” and “Setting Goals That Really Matter” sessions.  Thousands have improved their health, but more so people act to get the balance right: be that health, relationships, work, parenting, environment, making a difference … what’s important to them?

That usually means doing the small day to day things that make all the difference to our performance, personally and professionally.  Sure, it’s motivating, but it’s not fluff. People act to immediately enhance the quality of their lives.

What’s the flight attendant say?

We all know the answer.  “When the oxygen falls from the roof we must put it on ourselves first – before we can help others.”

Here’s hour or three for your people to focus on looking after themselves first. They will leave motivated to act on a swag of small things that can make a real difference in their lives. It’s great fun with seriously useful outcomes. Staff really appreciate the fact that it’s offered.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

20% discount for sessions. Further concessions for multiple in-house sessions, negotiated based on workplace requirement.

Contact person: Rob Edwards
Phone: 0413 734 916

Therapy Masters

Therapy Masters is a professional massage clinic located in Canberra City.  We specialise in Remedial, Sports, Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage.  We have been located in Canberra City for over 11 years and have a dedicated team of massage experts.

“You can easily escape the hustle and bustle of Canberra by booking a Massage appointment at Therapy Masters.  A massage is an ancient form of hands-on healing that has stood the test of time and is a proven and effective remedy to combat the stresses of our modern world.  At Therapy Masters we have created a peaceful haven amongst the city’s rush.  Be calmed in one of our four treatment rooms with gentle music, soothing ambience, comfortable tables and plush towelling.  Here you can relax, safe in the knowledge, that your Practitioner is a dedicated expert in their field.  Be welcomed at Therapy Masters by a Health Care Team who want to help you live a calm, connected Life”

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

$10 discount on 60-minute massage appointments booked as Healthier Work Recognised worker.

Phone: 02 6247 0662


VegiesToYourDoor delivers Office Fruit Boxes to Canberra offices on Monday mornings ready to keep staff snacking healthy and happily! We offer small, medium, large & x-large boxes to suit your needs.

We also provide a home delivery service of fruit, vegetables and meat, bread, dairy, honey, eggs, muesli, coffee and tea with a focus on high quality produce, good old fashioned customer service and support of local products. We have been around for over 7 years and continue to love what we do and have a huge passion for giving families much needed time together and helping support healthy living.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

We would like to offer 6 FREE bananas with each first office box order placed and then FREE delivery to any office that book in a regular delivery on every order.

Contact: Will Long
Phone: 0418 211 849

Work Conditioning Services

Work Conditioning Services have been helping companies and their employees achieve better results through happier, healthier and safer workplaces since 2002 through effective workplace health promotion programs and training.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

50% off two day training course, which are normally $1500

Contact: Belinda Riseley
Phone: 1300 947 927 / 0437 357 732

World of Wellbeing

Described as a world of health solutions in one place, World of Wellbeing is a centre dedicated to providing evidenced-based wellness strategies and supportive complementary care options for individuals or groups. Our experienced practitioners work individually and together to help you pursue wellness-scientifically.

We spend approximately one third of our lives at work. This makes it vital that we support people in their workplace using researched therapies and tools that maximise wellness and optimise health. Call for a discussion with one of our wellness consultants. We will tailor a program for you.

Our Wellness treatment options are:

  • Wellness inventory- online wellness assessment tool. Includes 12 month online subscription to interactive wellness program. (individual & group orientation and use seminar)
  • Wellness coaching- with/out Wellness Inventory
  • Wellness Therapies- Infrared sauna, PEMF, IHT, iLs, VibroGym
  • Workplace Wellness Presentations covering- Nutrition, Women’s and Men’s Health, Movement and Exercise, Chemical Free Living, Relaxation & Work/Life Balance, Emotional Self-care and Mental Wellbeing
  • Comprehensive group wellness programs

Other health services (which are not covered by the discount) include:

  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Massage and Bowen Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathy
  • Hypnotherapy and Meditation
  • Group and Individual Art Therapy Classes
  • Yoga classes

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

World of Wellbeing will offer a 10% discount to Healthier Work recognised workplaces for Wellness treatment options only. Our other health services are provided by individual practitioner and as such, we cannot offer a discount on their services at this time.

Contact: Tubi Oyston
Phone: 6260 4774

Yogasana Fitness

The yoga classes are aimed at improving posture, flexibility, strength and overall wellbeing.  The classes provide a wide variety of variations to suit participants in a multi-level class so that each individual can create a class that suits their abilities.

Discount offered to Healthier Work Recognised workplaces:

Discounted sessions to $15 per participant, with a minimum of three participants per class.

Contact: Jen Brown
Phone: 0407 235 622