Recognised Workplaces

  • Capital Chemist Southlands

    Posted Date: 11th June 2017

    Congratulations to Capital Chemist Southlands for upgrading to Silver Status as part of the Healthier Work Recognition Scheme!! Moving into year 2, the Southlands team were looking to continue and build upon the momentum gained in their first year as part of the program, and therefore needed to adjust their plan slightly to better suit

  • Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

    Posted Date: 1st June 2017

    Welcome to year 2, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses!!  The team at ACMHN gained silver status after a consultation period with staff and some refinements to their first year plan!  They removed a few activities that weren't as successful and replaced them with ones that had been successful previously.  Some activities they can

  • Radford College

    Posted Date: 21st May 2017

    Congratulations to Radford College for upgrading to Silver Status!!!  It can sometimes be hard to find the time to look after your health and wellbeing but at Radford College there is an emphasis placed on looking after the students, other teachers and staff, and yourself.  Radford College have been looking after staff health and wellbeing

  • UNSW Canberra

    Posted Date: 1st May 2017

    Congratulations to UNSW Canberra for upgrading to Silver Status!!! New Workplace Champion,  Vaish, and her team at UNSW Canberra put together a varied 12 month health and wellbeing plan for their second year in the program.  After using the successes from their first year and keeping these activities in the plan and refining others that

  • Department of Human Services

    Posted Date: 1st May 2017

    Congratulations to the Department of Human Services for gaining Silver Status Recognition!  Workplace champion, Damien, is hard at work day in and day out coordinating a program for a very large workforce.  The frequent satisfaction surveys help the guide the department's activities, and there is a wide range of strategies and activities for the staff