Bradley Allen Love Lawyers – Gold Status

Congratulations to the team at Bradley Allen Love Lawyers (BAL) for gaining Gold Status as part of the Healthier Work Recognition scheme!!  The Health and Wellbeing group at BAL meet on a regular basis to make sure that health and wellbeing of their staff is continually maintained and it seen as an important part of the business.  The law industry is known as being a highly stressful one, and therefore a robust health and wellbeing program can do wonders for the staff in terms of feeling refreshed each day, coming to work and enjoying work, as well as being more productive.  Some of the activities/strategies that BAL have embedded as part of their organisation include: Mindfulness lunchtime sessions; having a ‘book nook’; staff birthday morning teas; healthy snacks and fruit bowl for staff; and boot camp.  Some newer activities include: the BAL Sweatworking Challenge in September; hosting a Games night; promoting R U OK day; hosting a nutrition seminar; holding a mocktail night; taking part in Law Society netball and soccer competitions; hosting curry club in winter; and holding a financial education seminar.  Congratulations to the team at Bradley Allen Love Lawyers!!