ACT Online Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey

To be effective, workplace health and wellbeing programs must be based on the needs and program interests of staff. The ACT Online Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey is intended for use by medium to large organisations with more than 30 employees.

The easy to use ACT Online Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey tool offers the following.

For workplaces:

  • a survey that you can distribute to staff electronically
  • an automatically generated de-identified aggregate report on the health status and program preferences of staff – the report does not provide information on individuals
  • information on health questions that relate to smoking, nutrition and hydration, physical activity, alcohol consumption and emotional wellbeing
  • immediate confidential feedback for your staff on their health and wellbeing, with ideas on how to address areas of risk
  • baseline data to help monitor and refine programs if repeated down the track

For staff:

  • a mini health check
  • a confidential and personalised tailored report on an individual’s current health status, with ideas on how to address areas of risk

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The survey has received ethical approval from the ACT Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). You can contact the Ethics Secretariat with any concerns or complaints regarding the way the survey is being conducted by telephone: (02) 6205 0846; or email:

To see an example of the survey please click here.

To see an example of an organisational report click here.

For an explanation of results and scoring matrix click here.

NOTE: To protect the privacy and confidentially of employees, this survey will only produce an organisation results report once 30 responses to the survey are attained. For this reason, this survey is not intended for use by small organisations.

This survey is supported by Healthier Work at Access Canberra in the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate.  For further information on the survey and support on workplace health and wellbeing, please contact Healthier Work (telephone: (02) 6207 3000; email:; website:

Businesses operating outside of the Australian Capital Territory

This survey has been developed for use by workplaces in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Health information and referral to services are based in the ACT.

If your workplace is operating in another State or Territory visit the National Healthy Workers Portal and check out the state and territory resources page.